This Week at Charnwood

Fun Activities for Summer

What can I do at home?

Handprint Caterpillar Picture

Paint the palm of your hand green and the fingers brown (miss off the thumb). Print a line of hand prints, however long you like, adding more paint when you need it. At one end of the line print one handprint with the fingers pointing in the opposite direction to the others (to create the head).

When the paint is dry draw on the face.

If you like you can add a number to each of the body sections to make your own number.

Puffy Paint Paintings

Mix together equal parts of flour, salt and water. Divide into separate containers and add a couple of drops of food colouring to each creating as many colours as you like.

Spread the pastes thickly onto the card using cotton buds to make your picture.



Metalwork Butterflies / Dragonflies

What you will need: kitchen foil, wire and beads.

Fold your kitchen foil in half and cut out your wings, using our photos as a guide. For younger children you may want to draw an outline for them to cut.. Cut a length of wire for the body, measuring against your wings and making it more than twice the length that you want the finished body to be.. Thread a bead onto the middle of the wire and twist the wire to hold the bead in place. Your wire should now be folded double. This will form the tail end.. Thread a number of beads over the two pieces of wire to make the tail.  For a butterfly you only want one or two beads for the tail; for a dragonfly you will want to thread on many beads. Twist the wire together to hold the tail in, and then open up into a Y-shape. Thread beads on to each piece of wire for the length of the body. One piece of wire will run along the top of the wings and the other will run underneath.


Interactive Activities


Minibeasts: bug, insect, fly, bee, wasp, worm, snail, slug, woodlouse, centipede, spider, beetle, laydbird, aphid, mosquito, earwig, larvae, caterpillar, moth, chrysalis, cocoon, ant.

Habitats: web, hive, nest, gall, stone, tree, flower, log, earth, mound.

Stories to Share:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Eric Carle
The Very Quiet Cricket Eric Carle
The Very Busy Spider Eric Carle
Mad About Minibeasts Giles Andreae
The Very Greedy Bee Steve Smallman
Aaaaaargh, Spider! Lydia Monks

Charnwood Prayer Support

Charnwood Trust believes that prayer support has been vital to the work of the nursery and family centre. We value and depend on the regular and ongoing prayer of so many individuals and families which has sustained Charnwood over the past 50 and more years.

Prayer is no less important today, so please pray regularly

  • for the staff,
  • for the children and their families in nursery and          Opportunity Group,
  • and as we seek to understand how to further develop Charnwood to meet today’s needs.

Specifically during July and August we would value prayer for:

  1. The children and their families at our Heaton Moor nursery, as most of them prepare to leave nursery and move on to “big school” in September, and for the new children and families who will be joining us.
  2. The children and families at Lancashire Hill and Belmont nurseries, as the team changes with the expansion of Belmont  into full days in September.
  3. The new management team leading the work of the Trust.
  4. The Celebration afternoon on 14th July and the official opening of the new extension, when we look back over the year with the families and children. For many this may be their last Charnwood Christian input.

Parent Guides

Charnwood have created a number of Parent Guides. The guide to Early Years Foundation stage for parents, guide to Early Years Mark Making and guide to Early Years Mathematics are now all available on the downloads page on this website.

If you would like more detail, please let us know via telephone or the “contact us” section on the site