This Week at Charnwood

Fun Activities for Spring


During this half term we start our “Discovery Time” groups with all our children. As part of this we will be focusing on learning letter sounds using songs, actions and games. Each week we will focus on a different letter sound and we invite the children to bring in an object from home in their new home/school bag, which begins with that sound. The order we will be following is:

Week beginning Letter sound Example of objects

7th Jan ‘19 c and k cow, kettle (where “ck” sound, not where sound is a “s” like ceiling)
14th Jan e elephant (where “eh” sound, not where sound is an “ee” like emu.) (No real eggs or egg boxes!)
21st Jan h hat, horse
28th Jan r rabbit, rock,
4th Feb m mug, mouse
11th Feb g goat, gold

Some weeks are easier than others, so please don’t worry if you can’t always manage to find something! Please name anything you bring in and it will be returned at the end of each week. Size of objects can be an issue so if possible smaller items are better. The following link gives a guide to how we pronounce each sound to enable you to reinforce the correct pronunciation at home.

Parent Information – Weather

Books to Share
Little Cloud – Eric Carle
One Rainy Day – Christina Butler
Rosie’s Hat – Julia Donaldson
Snow(Whatever the Weather ) Board Book – Carol Thomson
Rain (Whatever the Weather ) Board Book – Carol Thomson
Sun (Whatever the Weather ) Board Book – Carol Thomson
Wind(Whatever the Weather ) Board Book – Carol Thomson
Elmer’s Weather (Board Book) – David McKee

Sun, sunny, wind, windy, clouds, cloudy, rain, rainy, showers, showery, snow, snowy, sleet, hail, hailstones, gale, storm, hurricane, rainbow, cold, chilly, cool, freezing, hot, warm, breezy, ice, icy, slippy, wet

Interactive Nursery Rhymes

Activities to try at home

Weather Sensory bottles

Weather Signs

Make a Rain Maker

Link to instructions to make a rainmaker
(involves some practising of hammering nails too!!)

Best wishes,

Hatty, Bianca, Suzannah and Sarah

Nursery Teachers


Charnwood Prayer Support

Charnwood Trust believes that prayer support has been vital to the work of the nursery and family centre. We value and depend on the regular and ongoing prayer of so many individuals and families which has sustained Charnwood over the past 50 and more years.

Prayer is no less important today, so please pray regularly

  • for the staff,
  • for the children and their families in nursery and Opportunity Group,
  • and as we seek to understand how to further develop Charnwood to meet today’s needs.

In this Half term please pray for…

  • for the Trustees and Management of Charnwood as they look to the future and how to keep Charnwood developing over the coming months and years.
  • Please praise God that he has been faithful too us and that Charnwood is now rated Outstanding across all three of its locations; thanking God for all the staff that have worked so hard to deliver this.

Parent Guides

Charnwood have created a number of Parent Guides. The guide to Early Years Foundation stage for parents, guide to Early Years Mark Making and guide to Early Years Mathematics are now all available on the downloads page on this website.

If you would like more detail, please let us know via telephone or the “contact us” section on the site.