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2017 – 2018 Holiday Club

In 2017 – 2018 we will offer our Holiday Club to all children who use Charnwood Nursery and former Charnwood siblings who are now in Reception.

Holiday Club will run from 8am – 5pm, in three-day blocks (including Breakfast, Lunch and Snack Tea), during the Easter, Summer Half-Term, and Summer Holidays. It will be led by one of our teachers, Bianca and will be staffed by Charnwood Nursery Nurses.

We won’t be offering Holiday Club during the October and February Half-Terms, or at Christmas.

Holiday Club Dates 2018

Easter Holiday

Mon 9th – Wed 11th April

Summer Half Term

Mon 4th – Wed 6th June

Summer Holiday Week 1

Mon 31st – Wed 2nd July/August

Summer Holiday Week 2

Mon 6th – Wed 8th August


Fees for Holiday Club are £120 for the three days each block (including snacks and lunches).

Please note: Holiday Club can only be booked as a block of 3 days, there isn’t an option to book singular days.

Please speak to a member of the Admin team to express your interest or email: info@charnwoodnursery.org.uk.

Parent’s Evening

A parents evening is held three times a year. This is an opportunity to come into Charnwood and see what the children have been doing and to spend some time with the key worker. Some parents find it an opportunity to chat more generally over some tea or coffee both with staff and other parents.

If parents can’t come to the parents evening, then special arrangements can be made with the individual key worker or teacher.

We will contact you with dates of our Parent’s Evenings throughout the year.

The Ipad Project at Charnwood

Here is a useful list of all the apps we use on our Ipads, most of these apps can be downloaded for free.

Apps we use at Charnwood