Supportive Family Centre

Families are all different. Just as the children who come to Charnwood are each uniquely different, so too are their families because of choice and circumstances. Whatever the make up of the household, we know that children thrive best when they have a loving and stable home environment which nurtures their development. Because families are important, Charnwood seeks to include and value the input of the different family members, and to help the children understand their part in family life.

Because of the many pressures that families face, there are times when parents and carers need an informed listening ear. There are also times when families have to cope with difficult events and crises. Any one of the Charnwood staff will always try to respond at these times. Specifically, we also employ a Family Support Worker whose role includes supporting families where there is a child with special needs. She also arranges some events during holiday periods, and information and support during term time.