Parent Comments from Parent’s Evening – Spring 2018

What we do well…

  • Wonderful Support – encourage children to develop their skills.
  • Build Confidence – observe and get to know them
  • Make our daughter happy, confident, sociable and well adjusted.
  • Every member of the staff knows each child’s name.
  • Foster strong relationships with children and parents.
  • Caring and nurturing our children. Fantastic relationship building and development in all areas.
  • All children valued equally.
  • Thank you, Freddie is having a wonderful time here and has made great progress.
  • Show you care
  • Nurture and love each child. See beyond the Early Years Curriculum and prepare them for school socially.
  • Very informative, Friendly, – a joy!
  • Nurture the children.
  • Develop confidence and abilities.
  • Detailed learning journey.
  • Interesting creative activities.
  • Communication with parents.
  • Friendly, nurturing environment.
  • Embedding learning in a fun way
  • Lovely environment, lovely garden and toys.
  • Adapt and be flexible.
  • Very good, structured feedback











What we do well… continued


  • Make the children feel special, include every child.
  • Enhance children’s abilities and encourage good qualities.
  • Everything! The children love it here.
  • Kids feel special, secure and loved.
  • Seeing every child as an individual.
  • Take a genuine interest in our boy and love him, for who he is.
  • Working with us – (Parents) to develop strengths.
  • Understand how our girls ‘tick’ and bring out their personalities.
  • You care and love the children, always make nursery fun and safe place.
  • Teach them so well that we have seen a MASSIVE difference in our child’s development both physically and mentally.
  • Let them be individuals and develop at their own pace. Develop their confidence and help them.
  • Great communication between Parents and Teachers.