Every child at Charnwood is unique and precious. Each has a special person (key worker) who oversees their well-being and ensures their learning and social needs are identified and being met.

One third of the children at Heaton Moor receive extra support because of their special educational needs or health issues. Some children need support because of a specific condition such as Down Syndrome, or Cerebral palsy, or being on the autistic spectrum. Some children have a non-specified learning disability affecting their cognitive development. The extra support provided may involve meeting personal care needs as well as adapting the activities so that they can join in appropriately.

There are also some children in the nursery who receive extra support because of specific health needs, and others who have to be closely monitored because of possible allergic reactions, seizures, or sensory disability.

Some children are exceeding expectations in their learning, and they are supported so that their learning is stretched.

All of the children are encouraged to consider the needs of each other, to play and join in together and to learn from each other. Some activities, such as singing, include using Makaton sign language and all the children are involved in learning and using basic signs.

This is often the first time that children have spent very much time away from their parents, and we recognise the importance of working in partnership. Parents/carers are the experts on their children, and we seek to involve them positively in the work of the nursery.