Volunteers have been an integral part of Charnwood’s work since its earliest days. They have added valuable support to the paid staff in the Nursery and Opportunity Group, working in a variety of formal and informal roles.

We anticipate that volunteers, in giving of their time and energy to the work of Charnwood, will themselves also benefit, making new relationships, learning new skills and maintaining old ones in a new situation.

Most volunteers help regularly on the nursery floor, working directly with the children, while others clean and repair toys and equipment. Some have helped out with admin, ICT, music etc, or at fun days and fundraising events. Some have got involved in practical tasks such as gardening or small DIY tasks, or coming in on one or two occasions to share a particular area of knowledge or skill.

Occasional volunteers are treated as visitors, and are directly responsible to a particular member of staff. Those who volunteer to work regularly at Charnwood follow a recruitment and monitoring process which helps to ensure the protection of children, staff and the volunteers themselves. This recruitment process includes the taking up of references and a DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Service check). Longer term volunteers are offered an annual review, and opportunities to undertake appropriate training.

For more information about becoming a volunteer at Charnwood please fill in the form on the
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