At Charnwood, we believe that parents have a crucial role to play in their children’s education, and should be treated as partners, who are empowered and able to:
• Play an active role by having opportunities to express their opinions and having their opinions valued.
• Have their child’s strengths recognised and if there are any additional needs, have the difficulties identified early with appropriate intervention to meet those needs.
• Have a real say in what their child is doing by being consulted on targets and being fully informed of their child’s progress.
• Having access to information, advice and support during their time with Charnwood.
All families are different, and we are constantly seeking ways to make our participation with parents meaningful and helpful. Before any child starts, staff from the nursery, visit the parents and child at home. Once in nursery, discussions are held with parents and carers on an appointment basis or drop-in open door basis. Activities and themes for the coming week are shared.