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Heaton Moor

Lancashire Hill


Charnwood Prayer Support

Charnwood Trust believes that prayer support has been vital to the work of the nursery and family centre. We value and depend on the regular and ongoing prayer of so many individuals and families which has sustained Charnwood over the past 50 and more years.
Prayer is no less important today, so please pray regularly
• for the staff,
• for the children and their families in nursery and Opportunity Group,
• and as we seek to understand how to further develop Charnwood to meet today’s needs.


Specifically during July we would value prayer for:

  1. The children and their families at Heaton Moor, as most of them prepare to leave nursery and move on to “big school” in September, and for the new children and families who will be joining us.
  2. The team at our Lancashire Hill and Belmont sites, as we continue to build relationships with families and professionals in the area.
  3. Wisdom regarding building extension and improvement plans at Heaton Moor which will start in August and continue through the winter: agreements with the planning department and other crucial stakeholders, finance, finding the right contractors, and interim plans until the work is completed.
  4. The Celebration afternoon on 15th July with its theme of being special, when we look back over the year with the families and children. For many this may be their last Charnwood Christian input.


Parent Guides

Charnwood have created a number of Parent Guides. The guide to Early Years Foundation stage for parents, guide to Early Years Mark Making and guide to Early Years Mathematics are now all available on the downloads page on this website.

If you would like more detail, please let us know via telephone or the “contact us” section on the site.