This Week at Charnwood

Activities for Spring / Easter


Books to Share

  1. Everything Spring (Picture the Seasons) by Jill Esbaum
  2. Peter Rabbit’s Easter Egg Hunt by Beatrix Potter
  3. Rabbit’s Spring Adventure by Anita Loughrey
  4. An Easter Prayer by Tommy Nelson
  5. Who Hid the Easter Eggs? by Pirkko Vainio
  6. When Will It Be Spring? by Catherine Walters
  7. The Easter Story (Usborne Bible Tales) by Heather Amery and Norman Young

Fun activities to try at home

Easter / Spring Garden
Fill a tray with soil / beans / lentils / chickpeas etc. This can be used alone with plant pots as scoops or add spoons etc for pouring and filling sensory activity. To convert to an Easter garden add an upturned plant pot and large stone for the tomb, grass moss, leaves and make twigs crosses. Add playmobil / Duplo figures to recreate the story.

Interactive Activities


Spring, flowers, blossom, daffodils, tulips, crocus, buds, seeds, roots, stem, stalk, leaves, bulbs, planting, soil, sun, water, warmth, growth, change.
Eggs, chicks, shells, nests, incubate, lifecycle.
Frogs, toads, newts, spawn, pond, tadpoles.
Easter, holiday, celebration, Jesus, cross, church, easter Eggs, presents

Nursery Activities

Planting flowers and vegetable seeds and watching them grow. We are making Easter gardens. We are listening to spring and Easter stories.

Blossom Trees

Go on a blossom tree hunt around the local area and keep a simple tally of how many you can find. Add tissue blossom or print blossom using household objects or fruit / vegetables. Take photographs of what you have made or of the blossom trees you find and bring to nursery to share.

Chocolate Nests
Block of cooking chocolate (Milk or Plain)
Shredded Wheat
Sugar coated mini eggs
Small cake paper casesBreak the chocolate into small pieces and place in a bowl. Melt the chocolate either over a pan of hot water or place on a low heat in the oven.
Once melted, give the chocolate a good stir and start to add some of the crumbled Shredded Wheat making sure you add enough to give a twiggy effect to the chocolate.
Spoon enough of the mixture into one of the paper cases to make a nest shape, leaving a hollow in the middle big enough to place about 4 mini eggs in. You can then put the eggs in straight away so they stick to the chocolate.

Charnwood Prayer Support

Charnwood Trust believes that prayer support has been vital to the work of the nursery and family centre. We value and depend on the regular and ongoing prayer of so many individuals and families which has sustained Charnwood over the past 50 and more years.

Prayer is no less important today, so please pray regularly

• for the staff,
• for the children and their families in nursery and Opportunity Group,
• and as we seek to understand how to further develop Charnwood to meet today’s needs.

Specifically during March we would value prayer for:

1. As March progresses, our attempts to communicate the Easter story in ways that are meaningful to the children and through them to their families.

2. The building work in Heaton Moor as it comes towards its conclusion, and we fit it out ready to use.

3. Families as they wait to hear what primary schools they have been allocated, and other families as they apply for nursery places this month.

4. The preparations for our bank holiday fun day event on the 7th May, that like last year, it will raise the Charnwood profile, raise necessary funds, and bring the community together.

Parent Guides

Charnwood have created a number of Parent Guides. The guide to Early Years Foundation stage for parents, guide to Early Years Mark Making and guide to Early Years Mathematics are now all available on the downloads page on this website.

If you would like more detail, please let us know via telephone or the “contact us” section on the site